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Holistic Life Coaching


Working with and through the body with mindfulness techniques, somatic presence practices, and skill-building, holistic coaching sessions will be designed to evolve with you.  As you overcome obstacles and self-limiting beliefs, you will achieve your goals with more self-awareness and skill.  


When you invest in yourself, you move towards more opportunities to connect with the experiences you want in life. Starting with where you are now, with compassion and appreciation for how far you've already come, we invite change at a pace that honors your flow and capacity. As you access connection to your embodied wisdom, and authentic self, you will develop a deep, felt sense and knowing that allows you to show up more to the present moment.  


Holistic life coaching can also help you create adaptive boundaries for healthy relating, build confidence in speaking your radical truth, and learn to negotiate effectively for your needs + wants to be met.

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