In our work together...

We will explore how using a dynamic combination of Massage Therapy, Inner Relationship Focusing, somatic tools, and Skills for Change practices, will help you feel transformational shifts in how you experience life.


As your personal ally, companion, and guide, I will support you with customized sessions that address your specific needs. By listening to your goals, strengths, quirks, and challenges, I will learn about you and how you orient in life.  With this knowledge, I will be able to offer you powerful tools and practices to support you in your change process in mind, body, and spirit. 


Whether you are working with depression, anxiety, stress, health concerns, relationship challenges, mindfulness, life transitions, or psychedelic preparation and integration, I will help you navigate toward more empowered and effective ways of being in the world. 


 Given the diverse landscape of human experience with oppressive systems, late-stage capitalism, and social justice, I aim to honor the varied ancestral histories, wisdom, beliefs, and orientations of my clients. With acknowledgment of the broader collective context that affects your power and access to resources, I work to make your sessions relevant to your personal experience to best serve you in living the life you want



Based on my undergraduate education in Psychology at UCSC, post-graduate education at Twin Lakes College of the Healing Arts, training in Skills for Change coaching, certifications with The Embody Lab, and a life-long journey of my own personal self-development, I offer a wide spectrum of techniques to help you effectively recognize, accept, explore, and nurture the different parts of yourself. 


Serving my community as a massage therapist and wellness educator in the Bay Area since 2001, I come to the table with deep gratitude for the diversity of experience and perspectives of my clients. Accessing the power of how our physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental wellbeing inter-relate, I offer a dynamic, holistic approach to working together in ways that nourish a felt sense of safety and self-trust.  

By creating a safe, confidential, and non-judgmental discovery space, I offer the opportunity for you to tap into your wise self knowing and sources of personal power to elicit transformative and sustainable change in your life. We will work collaboratively to help you more effectively access your resources, consciousness, inspiration, and activate motivation.  

I invite you to experience a more empowered relationship with your mental and physical wellbeing that will extend positively out into every aspect of your life.

Gemma Depolo, CMT, SFCC

CA License #62191