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Experience more satisfaction in life!

Welcome to the time and space to make sustainable changes that create more joy, love, and wellness.  Holistic life coaching and body-centered modalities transform stress, so you can have more of what you want in life. 

Invest in mindful, embodied self-connection. Nurture awareness and ease in your relationships. Harvesting the power of somatic practices, nervous system regulation, bodywork, and attunement to your authentic truths, you will refine your capacity to navigate life, with grace and acceptance.  

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Connect with Gemma

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I am beyond grateful and honored to assist people as they lean into self-love, manage stress, navigate life transitions, and align with their values.  

As a Holistic Life Coach, massage therapist, counselor, and wellness educator, I will provide you with personalized and evolving somatic-based guidance and support so you can love the life you live. In our time together, you will receive personalized sessions to help regulate your nervous system, reprogram your default patterns, and radically alter your relationship with stress, anxiety, pain, and/or depression. With an attachment theory, trauma informed approach, we will blend mindfulness, with pragmatic steps to transform your status quo in body and mind. Make the time and space for positive change, so you can thrive with more embodied wellness, relaxation, success, and vitality.

Each appointment is customized to address what is most alive for you in the moment, while making powerful steps towards your goals.

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"Gemma is amazing. She's extremely knowledgeable, skilled, as well as being a genuinely good person. Highly recommended."

Andrew R.

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