Positive Pressure

Empowerment Coaching



An Intentional Space for Transformational Wellness

When people are well-resourced with connection, knowledge, love, healthy communication, and support, their lives open to possibility. Despite the reality of oppressive cultural influences beyond our immediate control, there is hope for empowered change as we activate and align with our core values.


When we create space for transformational change, remarkable things are possible. Through conscious connection to self, and through openness to learn new skills, we develop the ability to form graceful cooperative relationships, with ourselves and others. With the gift of evolving self-awareness comes the potentiality of a sublime synthesis of body, mind, and source. 


Meet Gemma

I absolutely adore what I do as a massage therapist, wellness educator, and empowerment coach! I provide guidance and support so that my clients can experience more joy, success, and vitality in their lives. I will introduce you to new tools and techniques to help you access your power of perspective and change your life!


"Gemma is amazing. She's extremely knowledgeable, skilled, as well as being a genuinely good person. Highly recommended."

Andrew R.