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Positive Pressure Empowerment

Holistic Life Coaching



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Experience more satisfaction in life!

Welcome to the time and space to make sustainable changes that create more joy, love, and wellness.  Holistic life coaching paired with body-centered modalities is a powerful approach to accessing more of the experiences that you want in life. 

When you invest in nurturing your connection to yourself and building awareness around your relationships, you evolve your ability to make empowered choices.  Through a dynamic combination of somatic mindfulness practices, stress management, bodywork, and cooperative communication skills, you will develop your capacity to navigate life, with grace and acceptance.  


Meet Gemma

I am so entirely grateful and honored to be on the path that assists people as they lean into self-love, manage the challenges they face, and align with their values.  

As a massage therapist, wellness educator, counselor, and Holistic Life coach, I provide somatic-based guidance and support to enhance your experiences in life. In our time together, you will receive personalized practices to help you resolve conflict, up-level your life skillset, and radically alter your relationship with stress, anxiety, and/or depression. Blended coaching and hands-on bodywork/massage sessions are a truly powerful and transformative approach to help you thrive with more embodied fulfillment, ease, success, and vitality.

Through our dynamic and customized appointments, you will cultivate attunement with yourself, with life-changing body-based practices to help you self-regulate, relax, and gain new perspectives that will change your life!


"Gemma is amazing. She's extremely knowledgeable, skilled, as well as being a genuinely good person. Highly recommended."

Andrew R.

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